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coweatman's Journal

secretary of no state

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emu violence
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i just got out of college. i need a job. i play in a band.
The Bad Idea Party.
photo website.

617 emu violence, activism, amebix, anarchism, argentinians reappropriating factories, assuck, basement shows, being intentionally difficult, bikini kill, billy bragg, black coffee with sugar, blackmaskupagainstthewallmotherfucker, boston rocksteady kids, bread and roses, breathing, breathing fire, brutal music, chorus and delay, chumbawamba, citizen fish, code 13, cometbus, cornerkick, crass, crust, devo, dianne arbus, disaster strikes, django reinhart, dreadlocks, dub, dumpster diving, dystopia, emma goldman, erik peterson, exploding hearts, fanfare ciocarlia, fela kuti, fender telecasters, fifteen, folking the system, gang of four, good beer, grauzone, grindcore, guts pie earshot, gypsy music, hakim bey, hank williams, his hero is gone, history geeking (general), history geeking (radical), homebrewing, indie rock and pop, jawbreaker, jd salinger, john coltrane, johnny cash, joy divison, jrr tolkien, klezmer, kraftwerk, kurt vonnegut, kurt weil, lauren hill, lee perry, loitering, madness, man is the bastard, mandolin, may day, mission of burma, modern lovers, morrissey, mountain goats, my bloody valentine, nausea, neurosis, never stopping moving, new model army, new wave, noam chomsky, not apathy, not being home, not driving, old timey music, ontological anarchism, peace punk, photography, pirates, post punk, power violence, prince buster, puns, ranting, record speculating, records, reggae, robert anton wilson, rocksteady, s/i, self-referential joke bands, seth tobocman, ska, slurpees, soul music, spazz, submission hold, swans/angels of light, talking incessantly, temporary autonomous zones, the (english) beat, the adverts, the bad idea party, the beach boys, the birthday party, the black freighter, the buzzcocks, the clash, the cure, the invisibles, the jam, the magnetic fields, the one am radio, the pixies, the pogues, the simpsons, the slackers, the smiths, the sound, the specials, the vanishing, the velvet underground, thelonious monk, tim burton, tom waits, utah phillips, view cameras, wallace and gromit, wandering aimfully, wandering aimlessly, wasabi peas, wire, wong kar wai, woodie guthrie, world inferno friendship society, writing, zines, zombies, zounds

Social capital

  • less than 10